Day in the Life – Steve’s Story

Growing up, Steve sometimes had a rough home life. Times were often tense.

Steve reflects that, “There was not always enough food. My mom and I moved around a lot. I eventually ended up at McFarland Mental Health Center in Springfield.”

McFarland is a 118-bed institution. Steve did well in that program and was able to move into a group home. There he lived with five other young men and worked on their individual goals. In 2013, Steve worked with his case manager to be able to rent his own apartment with Bluestem.

“Now I work at the local YMCA after volunteering there for several years. I love my job.”

Steve is living independently in his own apartment. He has lots of friends and a social life. Steve is talking about the day where he is married and living in a single-family home.

He recently took photos of his typical day including, his apartment, friends at Hope Springs, going to work, and spending the evening with old friends he met while in High School as part of the Big Brother program.

“Now I like to help others living in the building.” Steve helps other Bluestem residents get to where they need to go and wants to provide them with the type of support he once needed but never got. His life seems to be a perfect example of paying-it-forward.

“I never believed it would be possible to have an apartment of my own. I like to cook, clean and keep my place organized. I often have friends over to watch TV and play games.”