Church groups can:

  • Become a Special Friend to one of our residents. This is an ongoing program that will connect residents of Finley Supportive Housing in Lombard to members of their community. We ask for a 2-year commitment with a minimum of 4 outings per year. These outings do not have to be extravagant, expensive or lengthy – just time spent together at an ice cream parlor, movie or holiday meal.
  • Organize household-item drives to provide our residents with much-needed items upon their arrival. They often arrive without these necessities because it is the very first time they are living independently.  Church groups can then coordinate and assemble the collected household supplies into “Welcome” baskets filled with themed items, such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, food staples, etc.
  • Host a demonstration class to teach residents a new skill or hobby. Our residents are eager to experience and learn new things.  You can teach cooking, gardening or art. Host a book club. Teach a card or board game. Demonstrate laundry folding tips or relaxation techniques. Share any of your favorite interests or talents.
  • Sign up to organize and host holiday parties for our residents. Volunteer for one party or sponsor an entire year.
  • Provide professional services such as graphic design, property appraisal, photography or printing. These can be one-time only or ongoing volunteer opportunities.
  • Fund or organize a fundraiser to support a Bluestem promotional event.
  • Help us spread the word to raise awareness about Bluestem and its mission.

To get involved, go to our Volunteer form and send us a message.

Bluestem is also happy to accept in-kind donations. We are currently in need of commercial washers and dryers in working order and good condition.